office Assitant

What is Office Assistant

Office Assistant is a multi-faceted service, which is operated either virtually or on-site. It is a business service providing all the office support for you to stay organised and profitable, without the expense of an employee. All you have to do is focus on what you do best, and we will take care of the rest.



Office AssistantWe take on the workload for independent professionals and small businesses that don’t need full-time office support, but acknowledge the need to outsource the paperwork.


Do you have paperwork piling up and Mr Taxman looming in the background? A lot of time consuming administrative tasks on your desk or on your mind? Then you are ready to delegate so that you can move ahead.




1                 Delegating work that is time consuming allows one to focus on other priorities, namely:

·         Growing your business

·         Spending more time with family and friends

·         More balance

·         Focusing on dormant plans


2        No need to deal with the managing of an employee

3        Do not need to find office space for an employee.

4        No need to pay UIF, provident fund etc

5        Interaction with the OA can lead to new ideas and solutions as she assists you to grow your business and face challenges.

6        Do not have the commitment of having to pay a full-time salary.

7        You don’t have to sacrifice on quality for low-priced service.

8        Statistics show that employees actually cost 2 to 2.5 times their rate of pay when factoring in cost of recruitment, base salary, medical aid, paid vacation, paid holidays sick days, equipment and training.

9        Do not pay for overtime

10       When the company relocates, so does the OA